Our Mission

MagicShowerhead's philosophy is to bring you fun, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly product - in the practice of "green living". With the continuous development and patented technology in the use of LED, we are able to replace the batteries and save water by using the water pressure from your home for illumination.

Incorporating water conservation into everyday life, making environmently friendly and fun-to-use products are the passion of "Memowell" team. The persistence and quality can be seen through our production in Taiwan. Our factory in Taiwan is ISO 9001 and production is RoHS and REACH compliant, as well as other worldwide environmently requirements. Our OEM/ODM customers include worldwide reputable brands. Our OEM/ODM team includes some of the best professionals in the fields from Germany, US and Taiwan. We welcome any request for OEM/ODM business, please contact us under "CONTACT US".

Head Quarter:
25F-1, #104, Sec 2, Dun Hwa S Rd
Taipei, Taiwan

Sales Office USA:
1235 W134th Street Suite 1
Gardena, CA 90247

Tel: 626-257-1188

MagicShowerhead is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. The MagicShowerhead is a patent product. We will take legal actions against anybody, who copy, distribute or sell the LED showerhead using our patent technology, using MagicShowerhead brand name or MagicShowerhead Logo without our written consent.